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Westaff is a staffing company based in Santa Barbara, California, United States, with more than 75 franchises located throughout the United States. Westaff is a wholly owned division of EmployBridge.


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Former Employee - Client Partnership Specialist says

"1. Manage is unapproachable, extremely two-faced, and tyrannical. If you are passionate about being micro-managed to an extent you never thought humanly possible, Westaff is definitely the place for you! As someone who typically can judge character very well, the management is so extremely two-faced I can't keep track of if they genuinely like or care about anyone depending on the day of the week. 2. Understaffed with crushing expectations. Constant and overwhelming pressure like you will never know in your life, actually led to me starting to experience severe anxiety symptoms on a daily basis. 3. Management will insult your intelligence and act like they know everything about you when they know little or nothing. I was told I need to work on my organization and time management skills and they were not up to par, when in reality anyone who knows me on a social or familial basis would laugh at this suggestion, those are my greatest strengths which I have demonstrated mastery of time and time again in other positions. 4. Constantly working off hours or on weekends. 5. As a recruiter, why am I dealing with worker's comp issues on my own??? 6. Did I mention the atrocious management? Yawn."


"Pay is nothing they are. It looking for the right jobs for people"

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"We're sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with the local branch. Treating our associates with courtesy, dignity, and respect is one of our highest priorities. We are escalating your feedback to the local management team for review."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long, overly thorough interview. Job wound up lasting 3 days. Had to gather my own employee references over the weekend prior to start cause it was all rush, rush. Way too much trouble to fill a spot for a problem employer at employee expense. Employer did 2 hours training calling it an interview-for free. Federal poverty line questions on computer info at management office."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They do not care about the safety of their employees. We are dollars to them. Verbally abused by the boss on an assignment, threatened and verbally abused by another westaff employee and they let me go."


"After my initial job was over, they never bothered to help me find another temp job. They were advertising available temp jobs that I more than qualified for, but never called to offer them to me. When I called to inquire about them, they were all mysteriously "unavailable" even though they had only been posted minutes before."

NONE says

"Never offered any type of position."

Warehouse Loader says

"got sent home if the machine broke"

Assembler says

"Be careful of excuses to keep you on a job or to get you to get you to except the job."

Forklift Operator says

"Low pay and the don't care about their employees"

Applied (Former Employee) says

"The worst staffing agency in louisiana. Very unprofessional. Mananger did a very poor job in hiring the people who are the face of the company. I will never recommend this place. Not even to my worst enemie."

Warehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"The work is not that hard but if you get injured it’s hard to work. I wouldn’t work here ever again nor would I recommend it to any other person I know."

Didn't get a job (Former Employee) says

"I did not get return phone calls and after weeks of trying to get her on the phone to talk to me, I went to a different agency. I was placed right away and hired permanently soon after with great pay. If they do not want to hire you or help you they should at least tell you. Very bad management."

Registration Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They don't fight for their employees. They only come to the worksite to threaten everyone's job. When an employee has an issue, they do not address it and if they do, it is never in a timely manner and usually not to the employee's advantage. I would never ever work for them again. I had to leave because the stress from this place was making me physically ill.NoneConstantly threatening jobs, no organization."

RECRUITER (Former Employee) says

"Good place to start if you are new to recruiting. Fast-paced environment helps the day fly by. Low end jobs to recruit for and you learn a lot about human nature in the business world."

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"The owner would treat her employees with no respect and gossip about all the clients, it was awful working there. Very verbally abusive towards employees, would never work there again.NoneHorrible work place"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"They are permanently close i dont know what yall what to know they was a good company when they was open i can't recommend mobody cause the company is no longer is servicePermanently closeClose"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was a staffing agency and i worked for a sales job through them where i had a conflict with a co worker and they fired me. i feel i was discriminted against bc they fired me and kept the other coworker"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"That place is not for mechanic people when something need to be fixed they call people outside company and when you are there all they do is talk about other people. There is no no management organization"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"this was a horrible agency. Very untruthful about the pay. Your location was given to you at the last minute and they generally did not care about their employeesIt endedDirectionally challanged"

Parts Washer (Former Employee) says

"They don't follow there own rule in the hand book they don't care about your physical health some of the employees are nice owner is not a very pleasant person"

Temporary Outsource Employee (Former Employee) says

"Westaff can always get you a job, but it will probably be a low paying job with no hope for advancement. The majority of the people that work through them seem to be felons and drug addicts."

Seasonal Distribution Partner (Former Employee) says

"The job that they put me in let go everyone that they hired Called to see if anything was available and was told I was getting a call back but never did."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend. I would not work for this company ever again. I do not believe they should be open. They ask you what type of work are you looking for and then put you somewhere you didn't ask for. Not my first choice."

warehouse (Former Employee) says

"The worst experience and treatment i have ever been thru. The manager for the New Orleans branch is very unprofessional the companies they send you to is even worst....please beware...go thru flexi crew for a job at least they care about their employees.i dont work for them any moretoo many to list...."

school cafeteria (Current Employee) says

"i dont like working at westaff because they call you all late and dont give you enough hours to work and i wasnt making enough money i have 2 kids to support and they not right just calling you when they need you"

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"data entry bookkeeping reconcile bank statements excel spreadsheets"

Temp Worker, Hoosier Hand Pak (Former Employee) says

"Packaged CD/DVD products did not learn anything it was a meaningless job."

shipper (Former Employee) says

"nothing it was not good they give you the run around fire you for nothing"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst temp agency. When I was first hired, they assigned me to the office in Burlington Vermont. That office found me exactly one position. Then they transferred me to another office in Barre, Vermont...and they also found me exactly one position. They NEVER returned my calls when I called to ask if more temp jobs were available, and when they did return my emails, they flat out LIED to me. I saw at least a half-dozen posted positions on their website every single week, but when I called to ask about them, they LIED and said nothing was available.NoneDon't return phone calls, liars, bad at finding positions."

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